Lok Kala Bikas Kendra (LKBK), a non-government, not-profit organization was established in 1988. The organization fraces its origin to a momentous event in the history of peoples movement.i.e, Gandhamardan Bachao Andolan.Late Sri Mangal Sahu was, one of the founder member of the organization, then a student , played key role in the Cultural Team which was formed to create awareness, sensitize the people and disseminate the message of the community. The effectiveness of the cultural media in creating awareness, articulation and dissemination of the peoples feeling: among other strategies of the community mobilization was realized with Gandhamardana Bachao Andolan scripting a success story in the annals of peoples movement. The ideas and experiences were shared with some of the like-minded youths in Boudh District and Lok Kala Bikas Kendra (LKBK) came into being as a manifestation of the sincerity and commitment of the youths of the localityto the cause of sustainable development. LKBK established on 14th November 1988 is registered under the Societies Registration Act (SRA), 1860. It is also registered under the Foreign Contribution Registration Act (FCRA), 1976 under the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, New Delhi,CSR Registration and under 12A, 80G of IT Act, 1961.

The organization had initially started its works in Sarasara village of Boudh District of Odisha by promoting the traditional folk art culture .Gradually the leaders of the Organization had realized the magnitude of the issues like livelihood insecurity, Gender discriminations and health problems for which the community people were suffering a lot. This had opened the scope for LKBK to work towards these issues with peoples participation and collaborating with other likeminded organization/institutions.

LKBK is in operation in more than seven hundred villages in 38 Grampanchayats of two blocks namely Boudh& Harabhanga of Boudh district. All the villages covered by LKBK are predominately inhabited by Semi-Tribal,Tribal,ST,SC and economically weaker section .After an in-depth study and critical analysis of the situation in a very participatory manner with the people ,the organization had formulated its intervention strategy thrusting upon liberalization of unprivileged marginalized sections of society with an integrated and development approach. The organization since its inception in the field of development had tried to address the basic issues of the people/society and have been successful in winning over the confidence of people.

The organization has been focusing more on focusing more on facilitating organization building process of the people at the grassroots level.In the operational areas, the activities of LKBK are mostly directed towards facilitating the empowerment of rural poor and marginalized tribal and other backward sections of the society through building / promotion of SHGs, training and orientation, livelihood finance/micro finance, issue based campaigns, developing alternative leadership from among the poor and enabling them to participate in the mainstream development.Towards this end, the organization had taken sincere effort to promote SHG covering almost all women of its operational area,providing necessary skill development training , exposure and micro finance, facilitating them to participate in issue based campaigns to justify their rights.Also the organization had taken sincere efforts in initiating dialogue, organizing issue focused discussion/meetings,organizing training programmes and workshops on various socio-economic issues, panchayatiraj,marketing of minor forest produces by the SHGs, government welfare schemes,spreading awareness on different local and national issues.Mobilising community people focusing on women and organizing them on socio-economic and political issues has become the focus program of the organization . the organization has promoted and nurtured as many as 235 SHGs and three peoples owned and governed self help co-operative in the two blocks of Boudh District.

In order to improve the socio-economic condition of the people, regular training programmes are organized to enhance their knowledge and skill on management of their organizations and fight against the exploitative processes in a very organized and collective manner.

In the development endeavour of LKBK, it has enriched its community mobilization process by receiving help and support from various quarters of the society and individuals. In this course it has effectively collaborated with various donors like Consulate of Japan,RGVN, Indian Gramin Services,Basix India Ltd,CASA,Govt. of India,Govt. of Odisha.

LKBK have established a Training Centre that is 5 kms away from the district headquarter of Boudh district situated on the main road that connects to Balangir,Kandhamaal,Sambalpur,Angul. Boudh district is surrounded by Anugul, Balangir, Sonepur, Sambalpur, Nayagada, Kandhamal where many NGOs are active with national, international and government programs/projects.

LKBK has infrastructure such as; Conference hall, Accommodation with Catering facility, Training equipments, Vehicles, LCD Projector, collection of learning materials required for grounding community development initiatives.


Accommodation No. of participants to be accommodated? (Minimum 30 participants) 30-36 participants
Single/Twin sharing / Dormitory. (Mention no. of rooms in each category) Dormitory 3 Rooms
Accommodation Guest Rooms 2 Rooms
Toilet Availability of Toilet & Bathrooms. (Mention no. of toilet & bathrooms) Yes, Available of Toilet & Bathroom ( 7 Toilet & 7 Bathrooms)
Food Availability of space for Breakfast and Dinner. Facility available at the organization
Cleaning of the Room Are staffs available at the accommodation site for daily cleaning of the room? Yes
Water Availability of safe drinking water at accommodation site. Yes
Stay Arrangement Will facility staffs be responsible for arrangement and management? Yes
Security Is the accommodation site is safe for staying of women participants? (any security staff) Yes

(Women staff of LKBK are now residing at the organizations campus)

Distance Distance of the training hall from the place of accommodation Adjacent to training Hall
Catering As per strength Available
Travel All type Vehicle available on Hire basis Available


Fixed assets of the organization

  1. Land (area in ha)- 25 Decimals Land
  2. Own buildings/rented accommodation (area in sq ft)- Own building having 4000 sq feet
  3. Vehicles/motorcycles- 02 Nos Motorcycle
  4. Computers/Laptops- 2 Computers,Printer  & 2 Laptop
  5. Equipments- Furnitures, LCD Projector, audio visuals, IEC materials
  6. Training/Demonstration centres/farms- Conference Hall with lodging & catering facility.