COVID-19 Emergency Response

As World Health Organization (WHO) has declared COVID-19 as a Pandemic. The entire country was under lockdown from 24h March 2020, to prevent and minimise the COVID-19 Virus by breaking the chain. The outbreak has not only caused a health and humanitarian crisis   but also has challenged the way of life. The COVID-19 pandemic, and the resulting lockdown, has provoked many reactions and emotions in all of us – fear, exhaustion, worry, loneliness, irritation.In rural areas, however, COVID-19 has become more than a health emergency.The situation is especially critical in poorer, rural areas like Odisha. Here, COVID-19 restrictions have heightened existing inequalities and worsened poverty, shattering the already fragile hopes and livelihoods of the most economically disadvantaged members of  the society.

Witnessing the situation, LKBK moved to its working villages and interacted with the community regarding the difficulties during the lockdown. The income has been drastically reduced. Yes the assistance given for 3 months in advance from Govt. is a fact, but in respect of certain items like Rice (5kg per Head) with 1 KG Dal per family to to each ration card holders, but the quantity supplied for the stipulated period is exhausted much earlier. There is no any other support from other source, so we planned at least to give support with a dry food package for 1 month for those poor needy household of Harbhanga Block of Boudh district and Athamallik Block of Angul district of Odisha.

Visualising the difficulties faced by the community, LKBK approached it’s donor partners to support the community in the crisis to reduce the emerged negative impact/ risks of the lockdown and to ensure food availability in all vulnerable households in the community. LKBK works with the donors promptly responded to our request. The Hunger Project,India  agreed to support 300 families and BASAID Organization for 130 families. It was mutually agreed by LKBK and THP-India to support the community with dry food ration like  Dal-2 kg, Salt-1kg,Sugar-2 kg,Refine oil-1litre,Potato-3 kg,Onion-3 kg,Masala pouch,Turmeric pouch,Soya chunks-1 kg, Tea (dust) pouche, Chuda-1 kg,Glucose-1 pkt (250 gm),Detergent pouche ,Soap-5pcs.

Similarly BASAID Organization offered the Dry Food Ration kit & hygiene kits which contains Rice-25kg, Dal-2kg, Patato-5kg, Mustard Oil-1ltr, Turmeric powder-250gm,Salt- 1kg, Soaps-5 pcs and Cotton Masks- 5 pieces. It was also decided to adhere a standard distribution protocol to ensure and follow the Govt. guidelines of social distancing and hand hygiene. Before the distribution of relief materials, LKBK duly informed the District Administration regarding the relief operation.

We acknowledge our deepest gratitude to BASAID Organization and The Hunger Project, India for keeping trust on us and making the things happen through their generous and benevolent support.

The Hunger Project


LKBK & BASAID Organisation

On the due request of poor needy community of Boudh District ,We the LKBK organization with the support of BASAID Organization were able to provide generous support to the local community to feed food for a whole month of Dry Food ration packages i.e. Rice,Dal,Sugar,Salt,Onion,Potato,Chuda,Mixed Spices,Cooking Oil with hygienic kits like Bathing Soap,Washing Powder and Mask distributed to 420 Needy poor familes. Relief ration distribution was started from 02 Oct 2020 on the occasion of “Gandhi Jayanti” in phase wise upto 05 October 2020 by following Covid-19 Guidelines. Mrs.Puspita Pradhan,Secretary-LKBK Organization says that the Needy Poor families having Household economic category like Migrant, Below Poverty Line, Landless, Single Women, Physically Challenged, Old age,Orphan Child, in Boudh are struggling more during the Covid-19 Pandemic situation ,so that the relief of Dry food ration will feed at least for one month with the motto of Help and Hope.

In the presence Sj.Nilakantha Behera,Block Development Officer and Sri Hemanta Pradhan,Asst.Prog.Offr. from Harabhanga Block Administration,Boudh, Senior Advocate Nabakumar Mishra,Law Forum,Boudh, Sri.Prabir Das,Youth Red Cross,Boudh,Sri Manoj Kumar Pathy,Educationist,Boudh, Sri Basanta Kumar Sahu-Natinal Awardee Teacher,Boudh,Sri Lalit Meher ,Educationist,Boudh. Sj.Sakhigopal Pradhan,Chairperson,Child Welfare Committee,Boudh,Dr.Dilip Samal,Director-The Medics,Angul,Sri Birendra Singh,District Youth Coordinator,Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan,Boudh the dry food ration were distributed phase wise.And also provided Relief of Dry Ration Kit to ultra-poor families at their doorstep by LKBK Team.

We are grateful to BASAID Organization for their noble support to our needy poor people.